France – climate and energy statistics



France has no significant fossil fuel reserves so relies on imports as well as its large nuclear and renewables generating sectors. Nuclear is the largest electricity sector in France, allowing it to keep its fossil fuel consumption low and its greenhouse gas emissions lower than the EU and IEA average. However in 2014, the government said they would be capping Nuclear output at 50% of electricity production. They argued that they were not stepping away from nuclear but simply reducing their dependence on atomic power. Renewables are also popular in France, with solar growing especially, in part due to the recent decline in the price of solar panels. Both nuclear and renewables are needed to meet the ambitious emissions and renewables targets that France has set for itself.

Total national greenhouse gas emissions as a percentage of global total – 2004 figures


2012 per capita annual greenhouse gas emissions

5.10 tons

Energy used per unit of GDP (compared to USA)



Electricity Mix 2012

france electricity

Energy Mix 2012

 France energy


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