Poland – climate and energy statistics

PolandGreenhouse gas emissions as percentage of global total, 2004 figure

< 1%

Historical contribution – 1850 to 2000

< 1%

Change in annual greenhouse gas emissions, 1990-2006

– 29%

2005 per capita annual greenhouse gas emissions

9.8 tonnes

Balance of energy sources, 2008

Coal 56
Oil 25
Gas 12.75
Renewables 6
Hydro 0.2

Energy security

Poland is self-sufficient in coal (having the ninth largest global reserves). It does not have significant oil or gas reserves.

Electricity generated in 2008

Coal 92
Gas 2
Biomass 2
Hydro 1.75
Oil 1.5
Wind 0.5
Waste 0.2

Installed Wind Capacity

2006                           153Mw

2008                           472Mw

Electricity – supply and demand

The following are from a Vattenfall Poland 2007 presentation:

  • The per capita electricity consumption represents 40% of EU 15 average. The annual per capita consumption of electricity in Poland in 2004 was 2,600kWh v 6,200kWh in Germany and 14,500kWh in Sweden.
  • Given the relatively high expected GDP-growth, consumption in Poland is expected to grow significantly in the next two decades. The growth in available capacity is slower than growth in peak demand over the last years.
  • Approximately 25GW of new built capacity will be needed in Poland within the next 15 to 20 years to cope with the replacement of old capacity and the increase in demand.
  • Transmission system and cross-border connections need to be developed to ensure the security of supply.
  • Current electricity prices are too low to make investments in new capacity financially attractive.
  • Electricity prices in Poland are expected to converge to the German level in the mid to long term.

Fuel used for heat, 2008

Fuel %
Coal 89
Gas 6.5
Biomass 2
Oil 1.5
Waste 0.75


Percentage of agricultural land certified as organic, 2006


Cars per thousand of population



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