Czech Republic – climate and energy statistics

Change in annual greenhouse gas emissions – 1990 to 2006

– 23.7%

2005 per capita annual greenhouse gas emissions

 13.7 tonnes (without land use change, which is not substantial in the Czech Republic).

Energy used per unit of GDP (compared to USA)


Balance of energy sources, 2008

Coal 43
Oil 20
Gas 16
Nuclear 16
Renewables 5
Large hydro 0.4

Energy security

The Czech Republic is self-sufficient in coal and exports some. However, it has to import the gas and oil that it uses.

Energy Efficiency

Although gains have been made in reducing energy intensity in the industry sector, the potential for energy efficiency improvements in the buildings and transport sectors is substantial. Energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in these sectors are growing.

(See IEA: Executive Summary: Czech Rep 2010.)

Combined Heat and Power

Combined heat and power (CHP) constitutes one third of electricity generation and over 40% of overall heat production, making the country the third largest [EU country] in CHP use after Denmark and Finland.

(See IEA: Executive Summary: Czech Rep 2010.)

Electricity generated, 2008

Coal 60
Nuclear 32
Gas 3.5
Hydro 2.75
Biomass 1.75
Wind 0.3

Electricity – supply and demand

 The Czech Republic generates more electricity than it uses, so exports some. It is the third largest electricity exporter in the EU, after Germany and France.

Fuels used for heat, 2008

Coal 73
Gas 19
Oil 2.5
Waste 2.5
Biomass 1.75
Nuclear 1
Other 1

Percentage of agriculture certified as organic


Cars per thousand of population



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