What is clean energy? The great debate

WHERE: Nice Green Café and Arts Club, 53 Fortess Rd, London NW5 2AH
London’s air is dangerous to breath – air pollution kills nearly 10,000 Londoners every year. Globally, the effects of climate change already kill hundreds of thousands every year, and will get much more serious unless urgent, radical action is taken.

The British government has promised to end coal use for electricity generation by 2025. The London mayor is taking steps to reduce the use of diesel vehicles in our city. But what should we use instead. For electricity, should all low-carbon options – including for example nuclear power – be supported? For transport, is there a role for gas, or should we go straight to electric vehicles? What about hydrogen?

These and other questions will be discussed by Stephen Tindale and Natasha Clayton.

£5, including a glass of wine. Profits will be donated to Client Earth http://www.clientearth.org/

Stephen has worked on climate and energy issues since 1989, and held senior positions in think tanks, energy companies, campaign groups and government. He runs the website Climate Answers www.climateanswers.info which focuses on what should be supported, rather than what should be opposed.

Natasha has extensive international development experience, most recently as Interim Chief Executive for Farm Africa and Trustee of Transparency International. She is also a local activist with Camden Friends of the Earth and Camden Climate Action Network. She passionately believes that people are core to tackling climate change and that any definition of clean energy needs to reflect this.

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