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Can I leave my car parked at a hotel?

Today airports have become one of the busiest places in general. Due to the easy access to international and national flights by advancements in technology, people now consider it a quicker and more accessible medium to travel from one place to another. Along with this, people also find it useful and convenient to travel through air travel since it saves them a lot of time, and while it costs more, it still presents itself as a better option to people compared to other types of travel. People usually leave their cars at airport car parking since they only should go on short trips and are back in less than seven days. This makes it also logical for airports to let people leave their cars at airport car parking. Such airport parking is built on an incredible and massive level and can provide the parking facility more than the demand. For such services, digital services that let you book your parking spots are also available today. One of the most common examples of such services is GotoAirportParking. Such applications provide the utmost convenience and ease in making the visitor’s experience that much more smooth.

While airports allow such facilities, hotels do not always provide such facilities since they receive a tremendous number of visitors who come and go who deserve the utmost level of service that the hotel can offer. Providing parking services at hotels would not only overcrowd the parking facility but also generates a bad image to the new visitors entering the hotel. Since a lousy picture is the last thing, a hotel wants its audience to experience. They don’t always allow them to give the facility to people to leave their cars at car parking at a hotel. While the reasons are clear, there are some factors that make it difficult for people to leave their vehicles at cars at hotel car parking. Some of them are:


One of the significant reasons for hotels to not allowing people to leave their cars at their parking site is because they can not provide concrete security to such a large number of vehicles being parked at the site. This issue is not only a significant issue hotels face, but it can also provide a bad image to the customers, which is the last thing hotels want to make their visitors feel. Since bad word of mouth multiplies and could cause a severe issue to the brand image, it would eventually affect the hotel’s ability to generate revenue.


Some parking sites are usually rented by such hotels who can not afford to build one or a lack of space since such developed cities such as London do not have any available space to build car parking. Hence under such situations, it brings a lot of overhead costs, which leads to high costs to the hotels’ accounting books, which need to be kept under control. Allowing people to park their car for long periods without asking for a substantial amount of money to cover the costs can lead to extra expenses that the hotel would need to absorb on their own. This sort of issue can lead to why not all hotels allow people to leave their cars at car parking.

What do you expect from your child’s teacher?

There are many studies where each student is asked what they expect from a teacher to classify him as good or not. The most repeated responses are a good sense of humor and consistency in their actions. In other words, everything related to the creation of very positive emotions within the classroom, and in this way being able to motivate and facilitate student learning. For example, a math tutor has to use all kinds of strategies so that her students can achieve the established objectives, in this way, teachers are going to play a relevant role in the formation of the student, both academic and personal. Therefore, we must continue to talk about how important it is to create a good classroom environment in terms of education, along with the need to turn knowledge into entertainment, which means that we will have to harmonize the rational brain with the emotional one.

Studies on the good teacher

One of the most famous studies that researchers have carried out consisted of the following: showing different short films that presented different teachers to a sample of students. The ultimate goal was for the students to evaluate the teachers with the observed images. After a few seconds, the students appreciated that these teachers resembled other people with whom they had had a class. This study showed that each of the students can know whether the teacher will be good for their learning, non-verbal communication is also very important or what is the most emotional part of the teacher. With all this, it should be borne in mind that a good teacher will show the best expectations to his students, this will help to achieve the objectives of that subject, this will be demonstrated with academic performance.

The example of a concrete study

Another study suggested that a sample of pre-university stage students were asked for their definition of a good teacher.

The answers given by the students led us to conclude that academic competence was an important factor, but not the only one, but that socio-emotional competencies had a rather striking role and that they should complement academic ones. A good example is an empathy for the student since they must understand the problems that adolescents have at these ages, along with other characteristics related to the person’s character, such as sympathy.

The truth is that the teacher has to take into account the opinion that students have. You should be able to adjust your learning methodologies to the particularities of the students in a classroom.


With these studies we can conclude that a good teacher must have the following characteristics:

  • Know the subject and your reflection on it: the teacher must know well the subject that he is going to transmit to his students and know what content is important to them. All this will allow us to organize the classes as well as possible.
  • Inspire: a good teacher has to transmit the passion for his work, in this way he will foster meaningful learning.
  • Give autonomy: promote autonomy in students by involving them throughout the process.
  • Propose age-appropriate challenges for your students: discover and stimulate the strengths that your students have to learn with the best means.
  • Encourage creativity: it is very important to take into account critical and creative thinking.
  • Accept error: error is always part of the teaching-learning process and must be accepted naturally.
  • Concern for students: it is important to praise the effort and achievements made by the student himself. In addition to worrying about their problems in the classroom.
How hard will the coronavirus hit the travel industry

How hard will the coronavirus hit the travel industry?

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every industry all over the world. All the industries face numerous challenges because global demands cannot be met. There is a hindrance with respect to the operations of all these industries. This is primarily due to the fact that all the firms have been a victim of the lockdown that has been implemented all around the world. In these current circumstances, the entire supply chain systems of these industries have been subject to many changes. Hence the supply and demand state is very unbalanced owing to significant uncertainties throughout the world. These industries are unable to function at full capacity, and now it has become even to survive, let alone realize great profits.

Travel Industry

The travel industry is one of the industries that is most affected by coronavirus disease. It is estimated that if the pandemic prolongs, a global loss of 75 million jobs and $2.1 trillion in revenue. In America alone, the travel industry is the hardest hit. In the USA alone, weekly jobless people increased by over 6 million.

Airline Sector

Thousands of empty hotel rooms and canceled flights mean that the airline industry has also suffered a lot along with the hospitality industry. Airlines throughout the world have been grounded across the globe. More than 60% of the world’s air flights have been suspended owing to the government’s strict orders of quarantine. The performance of Delta Airlines showcases an example of the negative impact the coronavirus has had on the industry. Delta Airlines, one of the largest airline carriers globally, has reported a loss of approximately $60 million each day. This number is still expected to increase daily. Over 600 aircraft are parked on the ground as well. The upcoming months predict a similar story with the worst yet to come in many countries.

Public Transport Sector

Similar is the case with respect to public transport. Almost all public transports have been shut down all over the world. Public transport possesses a threat of carrying infections, and that can prove to be very dangerous in the spread of the virus. Busses, trains, rickshaws, lorries, and other means of transports are currently parked at their respective bays. Since the operations are stuck and the costs increase daily, the public transport sector is also suffering a great deal as well.

Hospitality Sector

One of the significant chunks of the travel industry is the hospitality sector that is primarily responsible for taking care of travelers with respect to their food and shelter. The people are not allowed to travel, and those of the people who are allowed to simply cannot go because of governments’ restrictions. This means that hotels and restaurants cannot serve these people. Mostly the hotels, motels, hostels, and restaurants throughout the world are also closed. This means they are suffering immense losses as well.


It is very simple. Unless the lockdown is finished, no industry can expect to get off and running. Similar is the case with the travel industry. This industry will also have to wait for the dust to settle and make appropriate changes when the time is right.…

How do I become better at math?

How do I become better at math?

Some people are naturally very good with numbers, whilst others might not be too exceptional. The ones who are not good at math can obviously become much better and improve themselves in this field. However, to do this it is important to keep a couple of things in mind before moving ahead. Firstly, if you’re just average at math and want to improve, you must realize that practice makes you perfect. If you are not regularly practicing, you can never become good at math. Even the ones who are good at math have to keep in touch with the curriculum; otherwise, they ultimately lose their charm. The second most important thing to consider is that you need to be very thorough and consistent. In order to learn anything or develop a better skill, it is necessary to know that being consistent is the key. In math, the same principle applies. Consistency and practice are two things that will help you on your way to solving math-related problems and queries in no time at all.

To further polish your number skills and improve in math overall, here are a few very important tips and tricks that will help you handle all these numbers.

Analyze every mistake

The thing about math is that unless you do not realize your mistake and dedicate your time and energy into fixing the mistake, you can never improve. In simpler words, mistakes in math cannot be simply ignored.

Algebra 1 must be mastered

Algebra is one of the most essential elements of math. Without having a thorough understanding and a strong grip on Algebra, you cannot expect to succeed when it comes to math. No matter how advanced or complex math might become, Algebra is a concept that will always be used no matter what. Students must master skills like solving systems of equations, graphing, gradients, as well as simplification of different radicals.

Find a study partner

Math is one of those subjects that might not necessarily be studied alone. In fact, you might need to seek refuge in a study partner who will not only accompany you in studying but might also teach you or show you the right way to solve a problem when you need proper and thorough counseling. Hence, try to find someone who makes good notes and can help you learn better. In more advanced stages, it is even better to opt for group study sessions that will help you catch up on missed concepts much better and quicker.

Try not to miss classes

The bad thing about math is that if for some reason, you end up missing a lecture, it is highly unlikely that you will ever get to know how to execute these concepts unless you practice hard and ask someone to teach you these concepts again. Hence, in order to avoid any sort of confusion, it is best if you do not miss any of the important lectures.…