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Can I leave my car parked at a hotel?

Today airports have become one of the busiest places in general. Due to the easy access to international and national flights by advancements in technology, people now consider it a quicker and more accessible medium to travel from one place to another. Along with this, people also find it useful and convenient to travel through air travel since it saves them a lot of time, and while it costs more, it still presents itself as a better option to people compared to other types of travel. People usually leave their cars at airport car parking since they only should go on short trips and are back in less than seven days. This makes it also logical for airports to let people leave their cars at airport car parking. Such airport parking is built on an incredible and massive level and can provide the parking facility more than the demand. For such services, digital services that let you book your parking spots are also available today. One of the most common examples of such services is GotoAirportParking. Such applications provide the utmost convenience and ease in making the visitor’s experience that much more smooth.

While airports allow such facilities, hotels do not always provide such facilities since they receive a tremendous number of visitors who come and go who deserve the utmost level of service that the hotel can offer. Providing parking services at hotels would not only overcrowd the parking facility but also generates a bad image to the new visitors entering the hotel. Since a lousy picture is the last thing, a hotel wants its audience to experience. They don’t always allow them to give the facility to people to leave their cars at car parking at a hotel. While the reasons are clear, there are some factors that make it difficult for people to leave their vehicles at cars at hotel car parking. Some of them are:


One of the significant reasons for hotels to not allowing people to leave their cars at their parking site is because they can not provide concrete security to such a large number of vehicles being parked at the site. This issue is not only a significant issue hotels face, but it can also provide a bad image to the customers, which is the last thing hotels want to make their visitors feel. Since bad word of mouth multiplies and could cause a severe issue to the brand image, it would eventually affect the hotel’s ability to generate revenue.


Some parking sites are usually rented by such hotels who can not afford to build one or a lack of space since such developed cities such as London do not have any available space to build car parking. Hence under such situations, it brings a lot of overhead costs, which leads to high costs to the hotels’ accounting books, which need to be kept under control. Allowing people to park their car for long periods without asking for a substantial amount of money to cover the costs can lead to extra expenses that the hotel would need to absorb on their own. This sort of issue can lead to why not all hotels allow people to leave their cars at car parking.