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11 December 2012: How to expand renewables after 2020

CER has now published my short policy brief ‘How to expand renewable energy after 2020′.

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18 February 2010: Obama builds bridges through technology

In November 2009, 3% of OECD electricity was generated by renewables other than hydro. 14% came from hydro. And this was only 17% of what electricity was then used, not total energy used.

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21 August 2009: Energy security, Spain and South Africa

Spain and South Africa both have lots of coal, but no significant oil or gas. Yet their responses to the energy security issues this raises have been dramatically different.

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26 November 2009: UK Conservatives promise progress

Last night, I went to hear the UK’s shadow foreign secretary, William Hague, give a speech about what a UK Conservative government would do about diplomacy and climate change. This is one of a series of speeches on climate from the shadow cabinet this week, which is encouraging.

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27 July 2009: Biofuels should be reserved for aviation

All low carbon options must be pursued to control climate change. However, that means all options that are genuinely low carbon, not all those that claim to be low carbon.

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4 May 2009: Obama is very good, but not perfect

President Obama is committed to controlling climate change. He has allocated billions of dollars to renewable energy and promised to engage seriously with international negotiations. However, Obama is not perfect and should not be above criticism.

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‘Biofuel’ is the name given to fuel derived from plants and used for transport. Globally, production of this has more than tripled since 2000.

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Can algae save the world?


The potential of seaweed, a new generation of biofuel, to contribute to mitigating the climate and energy crises.

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Myths about climate change and renewable energy, and how to debunk them


There are several myths or misunderstandings that have grown up surrounding climate change and renewable energy. Both sides of the debate can be at fault. This article tries to debunk some of nonsense that is often cited as fact.

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October 2015: Committee on Climate Change report on electricity scenarios

The Committee on Climate Change sensibly calls for an ‘all of the above’ approach to decarbonisation.

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Policies and performance in Obama’s first year


How well have Obama and Energy Secretary Chu done so far on promoting energy efficiency, renewables, CCS and electric vehicles? A very positive assessment is made by the Center for American Progress.

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Prospects for biomass in the UK

The UK government is strongly supportive of biomass as a means of increasing energy security. It also regards biomass as a major contributor to meeting the UK’s EU renewable energy target, and as an important contributor to carbon reductions – though it has stressed that not all biomass is sustainable.

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Questions about renewable heat

Questions about pollution from biomass combustion and the efficiency of heat pumps, from Allessandro de Maida

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