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14 January 2010: Is the EU good for business?

Today, I attended a conference organised by Business for a New Europe and the Centre for European Reform on Is the EU good for business?. The general answers was (unsurprisingly, given the organisers) ‘yes, generally, but could be better’.

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18 June 2010: Taxes better than targets

Once again, European governments have been debating whether the EU greenhouse reduction target should be increased, from 20% below 1990 levels by 2020 to 30%, also by 2020. 20% will be easier to achieve than expected, given the recession, but is not enough of a reduction, so the target should be increased to 30%.

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2015 General Election manifestos on climate change

Analyses what the parties standing UK-wide are promising to do about climate change.

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26 April 2010: Climate event for UK General Election

This morning I attended an event called ‘Ask a Climate Question’ organised by a coalition of environment and development groups. The most striking aspect of the discussion was that, with the exception of nuclear power, there was broad consensus among the four parties.

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27 July 2009: Biofuels should be reserved for aviation

All low carbon options must be pursued to control climate change. However, that means all options that are genuinely low carbon, not all those that claim to be low carbon.

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General Election Manifestos 2010: Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Greens on Transport


All three main UK parties take climate seriously, and promise to reduce emissions and expand low-carbon energy. They all recognise the energy security and employment benefits. This article includes the relevant parts of the manifestos of the three main parties on transport, including rail, aviation and road.

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Offsetting: What is it and is it desirable?


Much has been talked about ‘carbon offsetting’ in recent years and it is now a well known expression. But what is it and is it desirable?

Well, it is easy to define in three distinct ways, but whether it is a good idea depends on what is actually meant.

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The EU budget: the Union risks having the wrong debate

The EU should spend less money on agriculture and more on improving the econommies of poorer member-states and on climate protection.

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