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30 July 2009: Buy organic for climate reasons

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published a report saying that eating organic food has no significant health benefits. This conclusion is despite the fact that some of the research studies on which the FSA report is based show that organic foods have 50% more beta carotenes (which improve the immune system and eyesight) and 30% more flavanoids (which help keep cholesterol low).

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Agriculture and forests


Agriculture is only directly responsible for a small percentage of carbon emissions, but it is responsible for a higher percentage of total greenhouse gas emissions due to emissions of methane (particularly from cows) and nitrous oxide (from the use of manure and artificial fertilizers). As far as forests are concerned, as well as being beautiful, vital for biodiversity and home to millions of people, they are crucial carbon sinks.

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Climate Answers: Technology, policy and behaviour


Our website,, is broadly split up into three: technological answers, political answers and behavioural answers.

Why have we done this?

Well, this site is really about actions and not prohibitions – what we can do, rather than just what we shouldn’t. We do not wear hair shirts at Climate Answers and we are born optimists!

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Question: Is it better for the climate to buy locally or organically produced food?

Question mark #2

I like to buy organic food, because of all the good reasons one should buy organic. However, I also like to buy local food – for all the other good reasons that it’s good to buy local. So which should I buy?

Lana Berrington

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Reducing your carbon footprint


There is much talk these days of reducing our ‘carbon footprints’. But what does this mean in practice? Here is a list of things that I (and others) consider to be important if we are to take control of this important aspect of our lives.

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