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11 March 2011: UK government takes lead on renewable heat

Yesterday, the UK government announced plans to introduce a Renewable Heat Incentive. So, it does seem to be taking seriously its promise to be “the greenest government ever”.

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12 March 2010: Solar PV makes sense in the Sahara and India

This week, another dispute has broken out between environmentalists in the UK, this time primarily between journalist and author, George Monbiot, and the head of the company, Solar Century, Jeremy Leggett, over whether it is sensible to offer householders in the UK large subsidies to install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

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27 September: ‘Green Ed’ Miliband

Ed Miliband was a good Energy and Climate Change Secretary, so the UK now has a ‘green’ Prime Minister, ‘green’ Energy Secretary and ‘green’ Leader of the Opposition. Now for some delivery…

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Moving at an accelerated PACE in the USA


What is a pace? The length of a stride? The speed of activity? The pace that is attracting the most attention in the US in 2010 is Property-Assessed Clean Energy. Like many US trends and fads, it is worth understanding for its possible influence outside beyond North America.

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Repowering Communities case study: Upper Austria

Austrian regions (Länder) play a significant role in energy, particularly regarding building efficiency and heating, including district heating. Upper Austria is one of nine regions, covering 12,000km2, with 1.4 million inhabitants. It is highly industrialised, with significant heavy industry (manufacture of steel and machinery).

This article is about how Upper Austria manages to get a third of its total energy use, and almost half its heat, from renewables.

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Repowering communities: Local solutions to a global problem

This is a paper that the three authors of the Repowering Communities book discussed with UK government officials and other experts at a seminar on 1 November 2010. It covers examples of which local governments are doing best on energy efficiency and renewables, and makes some recommendations.

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The case for a Clean Energy Alliance

The low-carbon energy sectors – efficiency, most renewables, CCS and nuclear – should work together more strategically

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The power of Israeli sunshine


Israel is a world leader in solar energy. About three quarters of all households use the sun to heat water, using a technology called solar thermal. And Israeli firms are widely recognised as technological leaders in the field of solar electricity.

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