What skills do you need to become a web designer

By | December 8, 2020

By definition, a web designer is someone who is responsible for the production and maintenance of different components related to the website. There are many different areas of web design that a web designer deals with, both directly and indirectly. Some of these areas include graphic design, interface design, search engine optimization (SEO), user experience design and website development, amongst others. It is a web designer’s responsibility to develop the overall feel and look of a website. Different images, videos, CSS, HTML, and other tools can be used to completely design the website. Designers are incredibly creative, as well.

However, all web designers are not necessarily super skilled or successful. The successful web designers tend to have a specific skillset. Some of the skills developed by component web designers include the following.

Visual Design

Visual design is fundamental to learn if you want to become a skilled web designer. The design focuses on digital products and also determine how the website tends to look and feel. Some of the essential design principles used in this category involve typography, color schemes, grid systems, and proportions. The visual design allows you to make the website feel more attractive and user friendly.


UX stands for User Experience. This determines how people feel or what they go through especially when using the website. The UX helps you approach you to design the site from the perspective of the average user. The UX allows you to include things and tools on the website that will help improve the user experience. Having an interactive UX means that people will visit your site more often. This would bring more traffic to the website and ultimately say that its goals are met.


It is now expected for web designers to know coding in today’s world as well. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is the coding language that is used primarily for putting up content and other relevant material on the web page. HTML also allows you to give the overall structure to the website. With HTML, writing simple words and numbers can be turned into more engaging and interactive content like photos, videos, and different yet creative graphics that add to the aesthetics to the website.


Using JavaScript can also make the website much more attractive. It allows the designer to turn simple static elements on the site and turn them into more interactive and engaging elements.


The last most crucial design tool required for web designers today is CSS. This is the Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is basically the code that informs all the browsers how to form and style the web page. CSS allows the designer to change fonts, adjust colors easily, and also allow you to add more attractive and stunning backgrounds. Having this skill really makes your skillset attractive because it allows you to show your creative side as a designer.