Article list for March, 2009

Antarctic Blog – 30 March 2009

Brown Base

LONDON, ENGLAND. I am sorry to report that I didn’t have access to the Internet on the ship, so I was unable to blog as promised. However, here is a summary of what I experienced and learnt.

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Antarctica Blog – 15 March 2009


BEAGLE PASSAGE, ARGENTINA. Today was a perfect day for walking – light cloud and much less wind than yesterday. We set off, straight after breakfast, to walk up to the place where there used to be a glacier.

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Antarctic Blog – 14 March 2009


USHUAIA, ARGENTINA. Roald Amundsen, growing up in Norway, dreamt of going to the North Pole. Later, when he led the first team to the South Pole, he wrote in his diary, “How topsy turvy is that?”

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Climate Answers: Technology, policy and behaviour


Our website,, is broadly split up into three: technological answers, political answers and behavioural answers.

Why have we done this?

Well, this site is really about actions and not prohibitions – what we can do, rather than just what we shouldn’t. We do not wear hair shirts at Climate Answers and we are born optimists!

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The case for nuclear power


In my opinion, everyone should support the construction of new nuclear power stations in the UK.

I have spent the last two decades arguing and campaigning against nuclear power, working for NGOS, think tanks and the government. However, the climate crisis is now so great that we must do everything we can – whatever the economic cost – to control it.

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Antarctic Blog – 12 March 2009


LONDON, ENGLAND. Tomorrow (Friday, 13 March 2009), I’m setting off for the Antarctic Peninsula with a group of like-minded people, all of whom are deeply concerned about climate change and the effect it is having on this beautiful part of our planet.

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