About Stephen Tindale and Jon Trevelyan

Jon and Stephen are involved in a number of projects. They are available for consultancy work and more information on how to contact them can be found at: Consultancy – Jon and Stephen. For more information, please read on.


Stephen Tindale

Stephen Tindale (writer and co-founder) is an Associate Fellow at the Centre for European Reform, and a climate and energy consultant. He lives in London.

His past roles have included:
  • Executive Director of Greenpeace UK and chair of the Greenpeace European Unit.
  • Adviser to UK Environment Minister Michael Meacher.
  • Lecturer in Environmental Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London.
  • Senior Research Fellow on environment and energy at the Institute for Public Policy Research.
  • Policy Adviser to Shadow Environment Secretary Chris Smith and secretary of the Labour Party Policy Commission on the Environment, which produced In Trust for Tomorrow. (This originally proposed the UK’s target of 20% carbon reduction target by 2010.)
  • Diplomat, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, including work on Soviet foreign policy and a posting to Pakistan. While he was growing up, his parents lived in the Middle East, Africa and the United States.


Culra Bothy Apr08 121aJon Trevelyan (operations manager, editor and co-founder) is a former senior solicitor and experienced web editor. He has a general interest in climate and geological phenomena, including climate change over geological time, and is an assistant editor of the popular geological magazine, Deposits. He also lives in London working as an editor, journalist and copywriter.