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26 April 2010: Climate event for UK General Election

This morning I attended an event called ‘Ask a Climate Question’ organised by a coalition of environment and development groups. The most striking aspect of the discussion was that, with the exception of nuclear power, there was broad consensus among the four parties.

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5 November 2009: $26 billion for US rail

Warren Buffet, the iconic investor who has proved time and again that it is quite possible to ‘pick winners’, has made his biggest investment so far – $26 billion in one of the main rail operators in the US, Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF). It is good news that Buffet regards rail as a future winner.

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6 April 2010: The UK general election – climate and money

Today, the general election campaign will almost certainly begin formally, though, in practice, it has been well underway all year.

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9 December 2009: Small steps in the UK budget, much larger ones in the US

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, today gave his pre-budget report to parliament. This included some good climate measures.

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A Rome-London train journey

Italian trains#2

It was 7:30pm on a glorious spring evening, early May, in Italy. I had finished work at two in the afternoon and could have got the plane back to London.

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General Election Manifestos 2010: Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Greens on Transport


All three main UK parties take climate seriously, and promise to reduce emissions and expand low-carbon energy. They all recognise the energy security and employment benefits. This article includes the relevant parts of the manifestos of the three main parties on transport, including rail, aviation and road.

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