Article list for April, 2009

30 April 2009: South African and Indian elections

Last week, the South African general election took place. The Indian general election has also begun, although it lasts a month, so the results will not be known until mid May. However, it is clear that both countries must begin controlling carbon emissions and can do so in ways that will also reduce poverty.

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South Africa and climate change


The ANC government has connected 80% of all South Africans to the electricity grid – one of its greatest successes. However, this mass electrification programme, combined with strong economic growth and rapid industrialisation, meant that demand for power outstripped supply in early 2008.

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27 April 2009: UK Budget 2009

At a time when all the talk is of the need for massive cuts in expenditure, in the Budget on 22 April 2009, the UK Government managed to find some extra money to help control climate change.

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UK Budget 2009: Some good news for the climate from the UK


Despite the grim economic context, the UK Government managed to find some extra money to help control climate change.

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President Obama’s green economics


President Barack Obama recently set out a stimulus package for the ailing American economy. In it, $80 billion was earmarked for the use of furthering renewable energy usage and other measures to promote a low carbon economy.

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16 April 2009: A good week for the climate

This has been a good week for the climate and for the global economy. President Obama is now saying that the US economy may have begun to recover, although it will be a long and bumpy road.

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13 April 2009: Climate leadership by the Maldives

The President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, is aiming to make his country the first 100% renewable economy (for electricity, heat and transport).

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10 April 2009: Gordon Brown promises British transport will go electric

Some good news – or at least good promises – from Gordon Brown. In his first interview since the G20, he told The Independent that this month’s Budget will make the UK “a world leader” in manufacturing, using and exporting electric and hybrid vehicles, and also lighter, more fuel-efficient petrol cars.

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Reducing your carbon footprint


There is much talk these days of reducing our ‘carbon footprints’. But what does this mean in practice? Here is a list of things that I (and others) consider to be important if we are to take control of this important aspect of our lives.

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5 April 2009: The G20, the Wilkins ice shelf and President Obama

This has been a mixed but not particularly good week for the climate. The G20 meeting in London may have been good for the global economy – it’s far too soon to know what the effects will be – but climate change was just a footnote. This was an opportunity to inject momentum into the negotiations leading to the December Copenhagen Summit, but the palpable lack of interest from the 20 leaders has actually set the negotiations back.

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