Article list for July, 2009

30 July 2009: Buy organic for climate reasons

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published a report saying that eating organic food has no significant health benefits. This conclusion is despite the fact that some of the research studies on which the FSA report is based show that organic foods have 50% more beta carotenes (which improve the immune system and eyesight) and 30% more flavanoids (which help keep cholesterol low).

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Question: Are the French really that keen on wind power?

Question mark #2

I agree that wind and nuclear energy are not intrinsically opposed to each other. However, France only has wind power because it’s forced to by the European Union.

David Walters

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‘Biofuel’ is the name given to fuel derived from plants and used for transport. Globally, production of this has more than tripled since 2000.

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27 July 2009: Biofuels should be reserved for aviation

All low carbon options must be pursued to control climate change. However, that means all options that are genuinely low carbon, not all those that claim to be low carbon.

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Germany – climate and energy statistics


This document sets out some of the important climate change statistics concerning energy use in Germany.

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23 July 2009: Sweden pushes EU energy efficiency

A meeting of EU energy and environment ministers this week in the Swedish town of Are is discussing energy efficiency. It is certainly good news that politicians are focussing on this. Using energy wastefully makes no climate or economic sense, but many politicians regard the subject as too ‘unsexy’ to be worth much attention.

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France – climate and energy statistics


This document sets out some of the important climate change statistics concerning energy use in France.

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20 July 2009: France shows it’s possible to support wind and nuclear

Opponents of nuclear power often claim that supporting nuclear will inevitably mean that renewables will suffer. However, the evidence from France shows this need not be the case.

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17 July 2009: UK low-carbon transition plan

On Wednesday 15 July 2009, the UK government published its plan to make the UK a low carbon economy. It is good on electricity, quite good on energy efficiency and heat, but bad on transport.

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14 July 2009: ‘Pick and mix’ approach won’t control climate change

On Monday, 13 July 2009, Ed Miliband, the UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary, opened the Little Cheyne Court wind farm in Kent. With a capacity of just under 60Mw, this is the largest wind farm in South East England.

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