Article list for October, 2009

Iran – climate and energy statistics


This document sets out some of the important climate change statistics concerning energy use in Iran.

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29 October 2009: Obama acts smart, Norwegians act Global

President Obama has unveiled a $3.4 billion programme to upgrade the US electricity grid, turning it into a ‘smart grid’. This will make it more efficient, so that less energy is lost during transmission and distribution, and it will be easier to harness renewables, including intermittent ones like wind and solar.

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26 October: Green tax shift could reduce emissions and create jobs

This morning the Green Fiscal Commission is publishing a report based on extensive research and economic modelling, which demonstrates that increasing taxes on energy use and other environmental ‘bads’, and reducing them on labour and income, would have both climate and economic benefits.

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23 October 2009: Dutch and Danish climate progress

On Thursday 22 and Friday 23, I went to Clingendael, the Netherlands Institute for International Relations, for a seminar on how to meet the EU 20% renewables target. It certainly felt ironic for an Englishman to be invited to go and tell the Dutch what to do about renewable energy.

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The Netherlands – climate and energy statistics


This document sets out some of the important climate change statistics concerning energy use in the Netherlands.

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Question: Can we build enough nuclear power stations and will the nuclear industry turn them off when they are not needed?

Question mark #2

Will it be possible to build all the necessary nuclear power stations in time, what emission savings can be made and will the nuclear industry close them down when and if they are not needed?

Shaun Bernie

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20 October 2009: Major economies talk money, not targets

Most international discussion about climate change this week has been about finance, not targets. This is good news. Targets are important, but mainly for focussing attention.

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The practical effect of Kyoto targets

Treaty signing

In 1992, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) was signed at the first World Summit on Sustainable Development, which was held in Rio de Janeiro. The Convention did not set targets, but provided the framework for negotiations about targets. These were agreed in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

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Turkey – climate and energy statistics


This document sets out some of the important climate change statistics concerning energy use in Turkey.

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15 October 2009: Acting locally, thinking globally

“Think global; act local” – the phrase often used by of Friends of the Earth – is an excellent philosophy. Since most of us do not have the power to influence international events, we should focus more on taking practical steps in our own localities. Climate change is the ultimate global issue and it does not matter where greenhouse gases are emitted. So global thinking is needed. However, practical measures are more important than yet more thought and discussion or international targets. Copenhagen is important, but must not be the only focus at the moment.

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