Article list for February, 2010

26 February 2010: Islington Council performance and plans on climate

This week, I went to a meeting called ‘The Big Reduction’ run by my local council, the London Borough of Islington. Islington has a reputation as a rich and posh part of London – it is where Tony Blair used to live and where New Labour was born. There are certainly some rich people living in Islington, but there are also poor people, many living in social housing, and middle-income people.

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22 February 2010: Ukraine is more than just a transit country

Later this week, a new Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, will be inaugurated. The word “Ukraine” means borderland and, to most outsiders, that is exactly how the country is regarded: the place between the EU and Russia or the place through which Russian gas travels to the EU – unless the Russians turn off the taps, as they did in 2006 and 2009. However, it is more important than that, and not only to Ukrainians.

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18 February 2010: Obama builds bridges through technology

In November 2009, 3% of OECD electricity was generated by renewables other than hydro. 14% came from hydro. And this was only 17% of what electricity was then used, not total energy used.

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16 February 2010: Science, scepticism and denial

Robert Watson, the Chief Scientist at the UK Department of Environment, has been prominent in the media defending climate science. He accepts that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was wrong to include, in its Fourth Assessment Report, the prediction that Himalayan glaciers will be gone by 2035. However, he points out that, in other respects, the report was also cautious – some say over-cautious.

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8 February 2010: Major progress on wind in 2009

2009 is in danger of being remembered as the year of the Copenhagen ‘failure’ and Obama’s failure to get a cap-and-trade bill through the US Senate. However, it should be remembered as a year when, despite extremely difficult economic conditions, major polluting countries made substantial progress in expanding wind energy.

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Thailand – climate and energy statistics


This document sets out some of the important climate change statistics concerning energy use in Thailand.

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4 February 2010: Substantial EU progress on CCS

On Tuesday 2 February 2010, European Union member states agreed to European Commission proposals on how to distribute billions of Euros collected under the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to CCS and renewable energy projects.

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Chile – climate and energy statistics


This document sets out some of the important climate change statistics concerning energy use in Chile.

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1 February 2010: Chile and low-carbon energy

Last week, I went to Chile to take part in a conference about energy policy – mainly about whether Chile should build nuclear power stations. The current Chilean government has been discussing nuclear energy for the last three years, but has not said yes or no.

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