Article list for May, 2010

Question: What do you think about “alternative” nuclear technologies”?

Question mark #2

Have you ever looked at “alternative” nuclear technologies, for example molten salt reactors (or liquid fluorides as today are termed)?

Allessandro De Maida

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27 May 2010: UK bills and bonfires

The new UK government has now announced its legislative programme for the next 18 months and there is to be another energy bill. This is a good Bill and should be supported. The government has also announced how it will begin to reduce the deficit.

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24 May 2010: Obama, oil and less polluting vehicles

The Obama administration is not allowing the looming mid-term elections to halt efforts on climate and energy. Nor is it totally distracted by the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe.

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21 May 2010: Science, sea temperatures and synthetic life

The journal Nature has published results of a comprehensive study of marine temperature data gathered over the last two decades. This is a fully peer-reviewed journal, so should (but will not) end some of the arguments about whether there is any global warming. The study reports that there is now incontrovertible evidence that the top few hundred meters of the sea are warming.

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17 May 2010: Italy, nuclear power and democracy

On Saturday, I was in Naples to talk at a seminar on the case for nuclear power. The most striking – and worrying – thing for me was that one of the other speakers argued that nuclear power was desirable, but not for climate reasons.

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13 May 2010: A new UK government

The UK has a new government and the prospects for climate policy are mixed. The promised policies on aviation and coal are stronger than those of the former Labour government. The approach to renewables is similar to that of Labour. However, the approach on nuclear power looks like a recipe for muddle and delay.

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10 May 2010: Can the climate wait for democracy?

The world faces an urgent climate crisis. There is no time to lose. However, the UK general election has produced no winner and, at the time of writing, it is still not clear who will form the next government.

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5 May 2010: Energy efficient homes

This week, I attended a conference in Brussels organised by the King Baudouin Foundation. It was about how to control climate change while also increasing social justice. Therefore, the issue of making existing homes more energy efficient was central to the discussion.

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