Article list for November, 2010

Czech Republic – climate and energy statistics

This document sets out some of the important climate change statistics concerning energy use in the Czech Republic.

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Draft EU radioactive waste directive

It is good news that the European Commission is addressing the nuclear waste issue. However, the draft directive is not particularly strong, not very ambitious and wrong to promote deep disposal as its preferred waste management option.

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18 November 2010: How to increase low-carbon investment

The Cancun climate summit should focus on how to get investment into low-carbon energy, rather than on legally-binding targets (which won’t be agreed anyway). The EU can take a lead here, as former Swedish Finance Minister Allan Larsson is arguing.

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11 November 2010: European Commission’s new energy strategy

The Commission’s proposal for a new energy strategy is disappointing – it lacks specific policy proposals.

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Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

When Stephen and I set up Climate Answers, we did it with our own funds and were determined to carry on running it that way – as a not for profit organisation. However, we did want to encourage people to be part of our project, so set up a PayPal account into which donations could be made to help cover some of the running costs.

But I didn’t notice that it had been set up wrongly so nobody could pay anthing in…

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5 November 2010: Courts block Spanish coal subsidies

Courts have put injunctions on the Spanish government’s plans to subsidise Spanish coal. This is welcome. Subsidies should go to coal with CCS, and to renewables.

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3 November 2010: A good Green Deal for the UK

The UK government’s announcement on a Green Deal for energy efficiency is good news and some movement is promised on regulating the private rented sector. However, there is too much delay and the threat of yet more consultation.

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Repowering communities: Local solutions to a global problem

This is a paper that the three authors of the Repowering Communities book discussed with UK government officials and other experts at a seminar on 1 November 2010. It covers examples of which local governments are doing best on energy efficiency and renewables, and makes some recommendations.

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Would ocean thermal energy conversion be a great sustainable technology for harnessing the stored solar power in the oceans?

Question: Would OTEC – ocean thermal energy conversion – be a great solution for harnessing the stored solar power in the oceans?


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