Article list for June, 2011

28 June 2011: UK microgeneration strategy

This is a commentary on the UK government’s new microgeneration strategy. It is good that it recognises the need to address non-financial barriers, but lack of strong regulatory framework will not deliver microgeneration or climate protection.

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Is it right for the developed world to impose climate rules on the developing world?

In light of the science on the causes of global warming being questioned, is it right for the developed world to impose its environmental rules on developing countries when they have income levels way in excess of countries like Indonesia, emit far more carbon dioxide and consume far more of the world natural resources?

Alan Bruce Davies

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Thorium: How to save Europe’s nuclear revival

The Centre for European Reform (CER) has now published my short report on what the EU should do about nuclear power after the events at Fukushima.

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10 June 2011: Strengthening the EU’s climate and energy package

This summarizes a seminar held by Climate Strategies and the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations on why the EU should strengthen its climate and energy policies.

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2 June 2011: Prospects for nuclear power after Fukushima

New nuclear stations in the UK are far from certain. But even after Fukushima, they are not impossible.

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