Article list for January, 2010

26 January 2010: UK policy on clean business

Yesterday, I attended a talk by Pat McFadden, a minister in the UK’s Business Department, about how the UK should move to a low-carbon economy. His main point was that the UK is still a manufacturing economy, despite the common view that everything manufactured is now imported. He also talked about the enormous opportunity for people in the UK to make wind turbines.

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22 January 2010: Renewing and decentralising Iraq’s electricity

This week, the European Union and Iraq signed an agreement to strengthen their energy cooperation in areas such as natural gas, energy security and renewables.

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18 January 2010: Obama’s first year

President Obama has done more to control climate change than President Bush ever did. However, that is hardly setting the bar very high.

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Policies and performance in Obama’s first year


How well have Obama and Energy Secretary Chu done so far on promoting energy efficiency, renewables, CCS and electric vehicles? A very positive assessment is made by the Center for American Progress.

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14 January 2010: Is the EU good for business?

Today, I attended a conference organised by Business for a New Europe and the Centre for European Reform on Is the EU good for business?. The general answers was (unsurprisingly, given the organisers) ‘yes, generally, but could be better’.

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11 January 2010: UK offshore revolution

The UK has enormous wind potential, and is already the world leader in terms of installed offshore capacity. However, it achieved this with only 688Mw of operational offshore wind farms.

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‘The Economical Environmentalist’ by Prashant Vaze

Cover shot Prashant

This is an irreverent but rigorous, fact-filled reference guide to low-cost, low-carbon living for everyone in tough times.

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‘Sustainable Energy – without the hot air’ by David MacKay

Mackay cover

Anyone who cares about the survival of human civilisation should read this book. It is packed with facts and statistics about solutions, and shows that we must stop arguing about which is cheapest or best, because we need all of them.

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Portugal – climate and energy statistics


This document sets out some of the important climate change statistics concerning energy use in Portugal.

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7 January 2010: At last, Scottish grid improvement will be built

Scotland has immense potential to expand renewables, particularly wind and the Scottish National Party (SNP), when it took over the Scottish government in 2007, set a target that half of all Scotland’s electricity should come from renewables by 2020.

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