Egypt – climate and energy statistics

Per capita annual greenhouse gas emissions, 2005

3 tonnes




2008 balance of energy sources

Fuel %
Gas 49
Oil 46
Renewables 2.25
Large hydro 1.75
Coal 1

Energy Security

Egypt is self sufficient in oil and gas.

Electricity generated in 2008

Fuel %
Gas 68
Oil 20
Hydro 11
Wind 0.7

Installed wind capacity, 210


Electricity – supply and demand

Economic and sector-specific reforms undertaken over the past 5-10 years have impacted the demand and supply for power in several ways. Sustained economic growth has thus triggered a rapid increase in electricity demand. Peak load increased by an average of 7 percent in 2005-2008 and reached as high as 8.1 percent in 2008/09. The availability of reliable power supply is not only considered a prerequisite for economic growth but also for economic and social prosperity and human development.

(See The Arabic Republic of Egypt: Power Sector in Brief – 2010.)

Percentage of agriculture certified as organic


Cars per thousand of population




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